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ASMP Greater Florida’s mission is to create and foster a photographic community, educate and inspire its members, and advocate sound business practices.



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Happy 2014

On behalf of the board of directors of the Greater Florida chapter of ASMP, I would personally like to extend to all our members our very best wishes for a safe, prosperous and healthy New Year.

As your board, we have made a great number of advances last year, with a healthy increase in our membership, thereby replacing our dropped members by over 100%, quality workshops and presentations in the past year, as well as a great outreach to the learning institutions across Florida thanks to an initiative from the ASMP foundation. We have gained much recognition at the very core of our organization, insofar as the future of our association resides with the upcoming professionals who are at the cutting edge of our ever-changing business models and practices. In effect, we have a renewed and vibrant membership, fully engaged in the solid practices of ASMP.

Our board has developed a sound understanding of the challenges facing our profession, not least because of our great diversity as each board member brings a different and valuable aspect of the medium, from commercial photography, fine art, architectural, sports, advertising, food, editorial, professional education, events, retail and so on. With this expansive background we are able to fully understand the varied needs of our growing membership and will continue to offer many diverse presentations and workshops.

It is my sincere wish that our membership will participate in our expanded offerings of presentations on your behalf for the coming year, as your board is fully engaged in their mission to support and educate professional photographers at all levels.

As always, I appreciate your feedback, concerns and suggestions, as this is the lifeline of our mission. Please do not hesitate to contact me or any other board members with your communications, as we represent you in this great professional organization. Professional photography is not ailing; I would contend that this is the greatest time to be a photographer within the many challenges we all face, yet with so many more possibilities than ever before.

Best regards,

Pierre Dutertre, MFA
President, ASMP Greater Florida chapter

Joe Brooks
Vice president, ASMP Greater Florida