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ASMP Greater Florida’s mission is to create and foster a photographic community, educate and inspire its members, and advocate sound business practices.


February Events

We have two great events this February!

Estimating with Confidence: Lynn Kyle
Feb 12, 6:30pm social, 7-9pm Lecture
Indie Studios, 1776 11th Avenue North, St. Pete, 33704
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The Business of Architectural Photography: Steve Whittaker
Feb 24, 6:30pm social, 7-9pm Lecture
Studio One, 5263 North International Dr. Suite H, Orlando, FL 32819
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Regarding Gregory Heisler Presentation 11/15/2014

In an effort to bring you the BEST presentations possible, we were fortunate to have Gregory Heisler in Daytona in November.

First: Our thanks to Canon for sponsoring his trip. Second: Thank you to Dan Biferie, Chair of SE Center of Photography, for providing the venue at the Southeast Museum of Photography. And thank you to Steve Benson for his work in making it possible.

Third: Here are some quotes, thoughts, and insights from the influential photographer -

He focuses on 2 types of light:
1) Cool Lighting (not color temp but rather magic, wicked, mean) - or as he put it "who cares, I like it" lighting AND
2) simulate daylight lighting

"I look at light all the time and my brain says 'click' "

"Light isn't the most important thing, it is the only thing."

He believes in the cinematic film term "motivating the practical" which is the practice of making the lighting of a subject look like it is coming from lights in the scene.

Heisler's four criteria for determining whether to take an assignment:
1) Pay enough? if not,
2) Will it be seen?
3) Can I make a picture I like?
4) Will it be fun to do?

I'll share one more even though I have several, and that is because I think you should have been there -

That forgotten cable release, pull it back out or buy a modern one, it will allow you to get back in touch with your subject.

Thank you to those that did attend. Thank you to Mr Gregory Heisler for your inspirational presentation. Oh yes, and check out his book 50 Portraits at your local book store (or ).You will not be disappointed.

As to "What's Next?"
- Lynn Kyle on Estimating & Negotiating - early February 2015 - Tampa Area
- Steve Whitaker - architectural & more - February 24, 2015 - Orlando Area

-Alex McKnight